The Remix with Rebecca Gitana Torres!

Meet the page-cut bang urban gypsy latina from the South Bronx with a keen eye for detail and otherworldly mediums. Whether serving old Hollywood glam at red carpet events, channeling her inner Frida Kahlo while working a canvas at the Botanical Gardens, reporting live from the Puerto Rican Day Parade, or musing it up at Miami’s Art Basel, Rebecca is changing the way we envision the ordinary.


Who is Rebecca Gitana Torres?

I am the daughter of Puerto Rico manifested in Brooklyn, NY. I am a healer and a bringer of light.

What’s the concept behind your brand “Lifestyle Remix”? 

The concept behind Lifestyle Remix is the affirmation that at any time, we have the power to remix the way that we are living. To create this change, we must first begin at home. Clearing the clutter, decorating with powerful colors and surrounding ourselves with inspirational items are the foundation. As well as, goal setting, dreaming and tossing out old ways of thinking.

What led you to interior designing? 

I think it was destiny. I was led, I can’t really explain it any other way. Since I was a kid I felt the importance of having a safe space separate from the world. I just love the home space.

What is your style philosophy? 

My style philosophy is less is more. Keep up with your dreams and forget about “must have items”. Surround yourself with love.

What/who influences your aesthetics and where do you draw your ideas from? 

I am truly influenced by nature and its luxury. Leafy, vibrant and ever changing. I am also influenced by our life journey and the moments we collect. I also draw my designs from how we really live. There really is no use of a pretty room if it doesn’t harmonize with your life.


What are some of your favorite go-to shops when remixing for a client? 

I love shopping at vintage and thrift shops for furniture and accessories. I also love finding great deals at local discount stores for general household items. I can also be found shopping at Ikea, Target, and Home Goods as well. However, my most favorite place to shop is in my client’s own home! Most of us have hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Good energy is a vital source. What are some of Rebecca’s remixing tips to keep a harmonious vibe at home? 

To bring that good – good energy you must clean your space. Dust, mop, get into every corner and leave nothing unturned. Doing this will wipe the slate clean energetically, making space for new blessings and experiences.

What was the best business advice someone has passed down to you that you can pass down to someone else? 

Find your niche. Do it yourself. Wait for no one.

Who/What would be your dream remix? 

My dream remix has been in my heart for a long time. One day soon, I would love to remix a woman’s shelter. I have often imagined how my Interior Design would greet women in a rough time. I would love to create a space for healing and comfort. A place that could help a woman and perhaps her children reset their soul.

What’s next for Rebecca?

Next, is bigger and more of everything. Over the years, I have taken Lifestyle Remix and it’s message to Television. I literally learned every step of TV production from hosting, set design, lighting, directing, hair and makeup, content creation and editing / post-production work. So next I envision lots more help and syndication!!!

Where can folks connect with you? 

Everyone can connect with me at HOME:  lifestyleremix

I am also found all over the web on:

INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @lifestyle_remix


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