Let Go and Get Free with Lady Shepsa Jones!


Southwest Philly native Tameka Jones  is a writer, teacher, life coach, mother and “juju woman”—one who taps into her magical powers for healing and manifestation. With over 10 years experience in the study of spiritual sciences of the African Diaspora, as well as Taoist and Tantric traditions, Lady Shepsa Jones has turned her knowledge of sacred sexuality into a series of successful workshops and retreats. Through her empire Let Go Let Goddess, Shepsa has reclaimed her inner goddess and teaches other women the art of getting free.

Cropped_SexyWho is Tameka Jones?

A name my momma gave me. These days most people call me Shepsa. My family though still calls me Meka.

When did the idea of Let Go Let Goddess come to fruition?

It was almost an accident. I had been a full-time public school teacher for 7 years and I knew that I was meant to expand into something more. I enjoyed teaching children but was feeling stagnant. At that time, my personal journey into healing had taken me very deeply. I found myself talking about the work I was doing and got invited to teach a workshop. People were really interested in what I was studying. It came to me that maybe I could be a life coach. My focus then shifted from teaching middle school children to teaching women. I was searching for a name for the business I hoped to start, and one day while walking down the street on my lunch break, Let Go Let Goddess came to me. Just out of the blue, I knew that was the name for my business. I was delighted to find that the URL for the website was not taken and I began to build from there.

Your Let Go Let Goddess workshops are based on a 4 Point system and encourage women to “fill their own cup”. Why do you think self-gratification is such a taboo and why is it important for women to get free of sexual repression?

As women, we are nurturers. It is one of the greatest gifts but also one of our weaknesses. We often give and give, leaving very little for ourselves. The idea of “filling your own cup” means that you take out time to give to yourself. I teach many practices to help women connect to the goddess within themselves so that joy and bliss flow from their cup. It is also about knowing how to fill yourself up by looking within, not without. While we love our partners, children, families, etc., our happiness has to be an inside job. No one is going to do or be what you want all the time. So instead of trying to control others to get our happiness from them, we learn to tap into it ourselves.

Self-gratification is taboo because people are shamed and afraid of sex. It is at one time one of the most powerful forces on our planet and the most feared. It has the ability to bring life into this world, or spread disease. It is the most intense pleasurable physical experience we can have but it brings up many fears and taboos. I think it is important for women to get free from sexual repression for our own personal healing first, and then to transform this world. Women must learn to see their sexuality to be just as important as their physical and emotional health. As the receptive gender, we hold a lot of energy and process life through our wombs. Our sexual repression leads not only to unhappiness and a disconnection from ourselves, but it also can lead to physical diseases such as fibroids and painful menses. When a woman is sexually repressed, her creative energy is also darkened and she loses touch with her inner power. Connecting to your sexual energy in a healthy and balanced way, is liberating and healing.

I love that aside from just talking about the awakening of the feminine spirit, you have actually created retreats in exotic lush locales tailored to this mantra of “getting free” where it’s not just a workshop but an experience. Can you talk more about that?

Yes! I have two retreats I currently offer. One is in Puerto Rico and this is exclusive to the women in my Goddess in the WILD program who deep dive with me for 9 months and then we have a culminating trip to Puerto Rico to give birth to our wild goddess. This retreat is only for the women in that coaching program.
My second retreat is the Sensual Goddess UNLEASHED Retreat and that takes place in Jamaica. This retreat is open to anyone (women only) and focuses on learning the foundational principles of sacred sexuality through yoga, qi gong, dance, and workshops. This experience is about exploring the sensual power of the goddess. This year we have an award winning Jamaican choreographer who is going to teach us authentic roots and culture through the dance. I am super excited! We also will do cultural and healing tours on the island.

What is the principle behind the use of yoni eggs?

The word yoni is Sanskrit for vagina meaning sacred womb or divine passage. The practice of inserting a sacred stone made of jade into the vagina dates back hundreds of years to ancient China where only women of the royal court of the emperor knew about this secret practice. By doing sexual kung fu with the jade egg, you learn to circulate sexual energy into the higher spiritual centers as well as tighten and heal the yoni. The women who mastered it were considered immortal because they maintained vaginal muscles like that of a much younger woman and the flow of the sexual energy kept them youthful and vibrant. With proper knowledge on the use of the eggs, you have the power to rejuvenate your sexual organs and expand your orgasmic potential.


Lady Shepsa Jones

You have a new book out, HAPPY AND HEALED! 5 Steps to Getting Over Any Man and Finding the Love You Deserve; How have these steps proved effective in your journey for self-fulfillment?

Well, I got into this healing work after separating from my ex-husband. I went into a deep process to heal myself from that relationship, and the subsequent relationships after that one. The 5 steps I came up with are 1. Let Go, 2. Look in the Mirror. 3. Fall in Love with You 4. Keep It Moving and 5. Open to the New. These steps are what helped me to heal from my heartbreak. I go into specific exercises for each step in the book to help women learn from my story and heal themselves. As a former teacher, I’m all about hands-on learning, so the exercises I provide help women step into the role of healer to do the work for themselves. Through ritual, self-reflection and meditation the book will help you heal from the pain of the past, and fall deeply in love with yourself.

In your bio, you explain how you went from Afrocentric Nun to Tantric Tigress. How important was the process of renewal and rebirth paramount to who you are now?

Yes, I am a former “afro-centric nun” lol! In my younger years, I was very dichotomous in my view of sexuality. I repressed my energy even though within I have always been secretly sensual, but that’s not what “good girls” do. I have learned to transcend the concept of being a “good girl” and stopped wearing the shackles of what society says you are “supposed” to do. For me, life is all about renewal and rebirth. If you’re not growing, you’re dead and stagnant. I don’t look at myself as having “arrived” or being “perfect” and that is not even a goal. I work to embrace the lessons, be patient and gentle with myself and enjoy being an ever work in progress.

If you could dispense any advice to your younger self what would it be?

I would tell her you are beautiful. You are amazing. You are the shit, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s going to be ok. Stop worrying. Have more fun.

What’s next for Lady Shepsa Jones?

Right now, I’m getting ready to release another book later this year. I’m also preparing for the retreat in Jamaica.

Where can folks connect with you?

Everyone should sign-up for my newsletter on my site: Let Go Let Goddess You can also find out information on the Jamaica retreat there, we’re looking for an amazing group of ladies to join us. Please also follow me on Facebook at Let Go Let Goddess and Instagram: LetGoLetGoddess.